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Marlo Productions is the base for several creative disciplines.


MARK LOBENSTEIJN Started of in the dance scene with productions like

Global Dance Project and Pleasant Chemistry in the early nineties.


Due to good response on the ambient groove "B-sides" on earlier releases Mark produced a whole ambient groove album as Mark Moon called Contrasts which was released in 2000.


After some "time of" Mark started producing again. This time the music "he came from" inspired by the 80' s disco by Giorgio Moroder and many others in those days.


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Shimmering stars Released May 7th 2017

Marco Di Luna's debut album Shimmering Stars is a a non-typical Space Synth album.

It mixes Italo, Disco and Electro and many other styles.

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THE station where Marco Di Luna kicked off!

They keep the Italo and Space synth music alive and have been more then supportive to our label!

"without music, life would be a mistake" F. Nietzsche
For the love of electronic music
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